About Kimberly

Kimberly S. Barton is an unabashed Gen Xer. As a middle class kid growing up in the 70s and 80s–a time with no internet, cell phones, or streaming–she did a lot of dreaming and making up stories about the drama of being a teenager. Kimberly’s novels will transport you back to a world where telephones had long cords, kids waited eagerly for the premiere of an MTV music video, the most popular video game was Pac-Man, and we wanted to be as cool as the guys on Miami Vice. Her characters make their journeys to self-discovery with the help of sassy, supportive friends, passionate love, and big-hair music. 

Kimberly lives in sunny Southern Arizona with her husband and their quirky Heeler.

One of the first places Ronni goes after running away from home is the beach. There she crosses paths with local surfer Dingo who guides her through the tides of uncertainty toward a new beginning.

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