Travel Back to the 80s

On Her Toes - 80s Nostalgia Series Book One

High school, 1984. The grace of ballet meets the grit of football in this YA coming-of-age romance. 

After the death of her mother, 17-year-old ballerina Anna is uprooted from her beloved beach town in California and forced to relocate to West Texas with her father. Overwhelmed by grief and the drastic change in her surroundings, Anna feels completely out of place in the football-obsessed community. 

She misses her ballet classes, her old friends, and her mom, her biggest ballet supporter. Worst of all, Anna has lost her passion for dance and worries she cannot do it without her mother.

Anna’s world is upended again when she falls for Troy, a talented high school football player who’s struggling with the responsibility of caring for his younger brothers after their father left the family. Can grace and grit work together to tackle their obstacles? 

In the vein of Friday Night LightsOn Her Toes is a nostalgic journey that will transport readers to a time of big love and powerful self-discovery. 

One of the first places Ronni goes after running away from home is the beach. There she crosses paths with local surfer Dingo who guides her through the tides of uncertainty toward a new beginning.

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