The Sacred Animal

Egyptian cat.
Egyptian cat.

The ancient gods and goddesses all had sacred animals that were associated with them. A god of the sky, like Zeus, of course, had a bird as his animal–the eagle. A fertility goddess, like Heket, is associated with the frog, while the Celtic fertility goddess, Eostre has the hare as her sacred animal. These make sense, of course, as do most sacred animals. Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom’s sacred animal is the owl. The Chinese trickster god is a monkey (a perfect animal for a trickster), while the Egyptian goddess Bast is depicted with the body of a woman and the head of a cat. Since ancient Egyptians worshipped cats, it is fitting that one of their most beloved goddesses would be a cat goddess.

Goats, cats, dogs, monkeys, horses, bears, spiders, ravens, wolves, snakes, even cows and pigs, are all associated with a god or goddess or are worshiped as sacred.

I’ve often wondered what my sacred animal would be. Cat? I’m a bit stand-offish, light on my feet, like my privacy, and when I get my back up, I puff up and act bigger than I really am. Plus, I get pretty mean when riled up.

What about you? What would your sacred animal be?


5 thoughts on “The Sacred Animal”

  1. Kilian Metcalf

    Sea tortoise, no question. Old and wise, slow moving and enduring. It’s been my totem for years.

  2. A cat of many names panther/mountain lion …. There is something about their eyes that always draws me in.

  3. Dog. Born in year of dog. Friendly to almost everyone, somewhat naïve undiscriminating in choice of friends with a blind devotion to those in my pack.

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