The Lovely Sif

It’s Thorsday, but instead of a story about Thor, here’s one about Sif, his lovely wife.

Loki sneaking up on Sif.
Loki sneaking up on Sif.

Sif had gorgeous, long, golden hair. Of course, the trickster god Loki had to mess with it! Loki cut off Sif’s golden locks as a prank. Thor, infuriated with Loki, threatened to kill him.

But Loki is not to be done in. He offers to replace Sif’s locks with something even more magnificent than her original hair. He goes to the dwarfs and has them create hair of gold for Sif. Pleased, Sif and Thor forgive Loki and Thor does not kill him.

Golden-haired Sif.
Golden-haired Sif.

Sif’s golden hair has been considered by many scholars to be a symbol for grain, and Sif herself considered an earth goddess. It fits. The earth goddess, Sif, married to the sky god Thor with his thunder, lightning, and control of the rain and weather. What better pairing? Earth and Sky–a divine marriage.

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  1. What a lovely story. Keep ’em coming.

    1. Thanks. I will.

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