The Day I Learned to Dance

Kimdancing2On September 14th, 2008—six years ago today—I learned how to dance.

Oh, I danced in my house, by myself, but I didn’t like dancing in front of people. I was so inhibited about dancing in public that I’d not go to clubs with friends. If I did have to go, to avoid being rude, I’d either sit at the table and nurse a drink, or I’d go quietly to the corner or back of the dance floor. Anything I could do to not be noticed.

It’s not that I thought I was a bad dancer. I have good rhythm. I am comfortable moving in my body. I was just terrified of people watching me dance. It just seemed like a very private thing.

I think in my head I thought I was this incredible dancer, but I was afraid I actually looked like Elaine Benes (if you watch Seinfeld, you know what I’m talking about!).

Then a friend of mine, who is an amazing dancer, invited me to a dance class with a dance and drum group she was involved with. It was her birthday. I went to class.

That dance class changed my life. I learned how to dance that day.

With the support of my friend, and under the guidance of my incredible teacher, I opened up. I let go of my inhibitions. I let go of the fear that surrounded me whenever I had to dance in front of people. I even joined the PERFORMANCE group.

My dance teacher gave me wings and taught me how to fly.

Me, performing.
Me, performing.

I have not looked down, or back, since. I have been dancing, at least once a week, ever since that day six years ago. Dancing has become an important part of my life. I now dance in front of people and love it. I still dance at home all the time too, but it is infused with a sense of lightness that I never had before.

I was 40 when I learned to let go and dance. It is never too late to open up, let go of old fears, find a new love, and fly.

What about you? Is there a love you discovered later in life? Or is there something you are afraid to try?

2 thoughts on “The Day I Learned to Dance”

  1. Oh, no you don’t. We want to see videos, not just description.

    PS: ‘If the Pope owned a disco, no one would go
    ‘Cause they won’t allow gays there.
    And who’d start the dancing?
    And who’d start the dancing?

    ~~~ Tim Minchin, The Pope Song.

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