The Lord of the Rings

Books to Movies–Show Some Respect

I was involved in a discussion recently about Peter Jackson’s movie adaptations of Tolkien’s books. One person suggested that the reason Tolkien fans and scholars are so critical of The Lord of the Rings adaptations and not The Hobbit is that The Hobbit movie is so far removed from the original story. Because of this …

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The Gift of Mortality, Part II—Choosing to Die

J.R.R. Tolkien gave his Men the “gift” of mortality. They could die, unlike the Elves, whose lives were connected to Middle Earth itself. As I wrote in a previous blog, Tolkien thought that mortality was a blessing given to his Men. Because their lives were finite, Men could live big and bright—they would never die …

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Favorite Book?

I recently came across this meme: Lucky for me, I only have one child so I wouldn’t ever have to choose my favorite! However, I could never choose a favorite book, or even a favorite author. How could that even be possible?! I’ve been reading since 1st grade, and I’ve loved innumerable books and authors. …

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