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When I Love Tucson

Sometimes I really love Tucson. What happened here after Prince died is one example. The music and movie community rallied and events were planned to celebrate his music. At our local, independent theater, The Loft Cinema, they hosted a Purple … Continue reading

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Off the Wall

If you ever have the chance to be in a flash mob…do it. I’ve been participating in a dance workshop that will end in a performance, but along the way our teacher decided it would be fun for us to … Continue reading

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The HUMANities

I was taken by surprise by how much David Bowie’s death affected me. Even days later, listening to certain songs, like my favorites Heroes or Ziggy Stardust, could make me choke up, bring tears to my eyes. I didn’t know … Continue reading

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When the Song Fits the Mood

Every time I tested for a dan rank, I listened to one particular song or one particular band every time I drove to the dojo. This went on for the three months or so that I prepared for my test. … Continue reading

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Music for a desert island

If you were going to be stranded on a desert island and could bring the catalog of ONE band or artist, who would it be? I’d choose Led Zeppelin. Here are my reasons: 1. Huge catalog! For one thing Led … Continue reading

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Spare me the Remix

Why do artists feel like they need to remix our beloved songs? I can certainly understand the desire to make a song ‘perfect’; the thing I don’t think they understand is that we fans liked the original piece of art! … Continue reading

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The First Concert

By the time I was 23 I’d been to dozens of concerts and seen most of my favorite bands (some of them multiple times) But one’s first concert is special, and mine was…Ronnie James Dio. I was 15. Dio came … Continue reading

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Fun Friday–The Power Ballad

**Just for Fun Friday! Today’s post is not meant to be serious or inspiring or enlightening.** I am not one for the power ballad. They are typically too sticky sweet, too sentimental. I’m not a sentimental kind of girl…never have … Continue reading

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