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‘Guilty Pleasure’ Songs

The phrase ‘guilty pleasure’ conjures up, in my mind, images of decadent chocolate desserts. It does not make me think of pop songs. A couple of days ago a friend, Alica McKenna Johnson, sent me this video of hard rockers … Continue reading

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Concert Road Trip

What could be more fun than a road trip to see one of your favorite bands? I was talking to someone recently who is driving to L.A. from Tucson for a concert. When she told me what she was doing … Continue reading

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The Electric Guitar (or How I Hate Long Guitar Solos)

I may lose my membership in the Headbanger’s Club for writing this, but I must publicly declare it…I HATE long guitar solos. Hate them. Any guitar solo over about 30 seconds is too long in my book. Honestly, I’d rather … Continue reading

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