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Fixing the geek archetype chart

I love charts and lists! I can’t get enough of them. Charts and lists about some of my favorites stories? Heaven. Although, I do feel the need to argue with them and correct them when they are wrong. This chart is … Continue reading

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Defeating Evil with Compassion

Recently I was telling a friend who practices Aikido and likes Lord of the Rings about my blog and that I like to write about both. A joke went around the table about Frodo doing Aikido. I laughed but it … Continue reading

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The Hero’s Sidekick

Everyone needs a good sidekick—the person who stands by you through everything and helps you out when you are at your lowest. This certainly holds true for Heroes. In archetypal terms the Sidekick is the faithful and loyal companion to … Continue reading

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The Shapeshifter

There are many archetypes in literature, from the Hero to the Shadow, but the one I enjoy the most in the Shapeshifter. The Shapeshifter’s job is to confuse the Hero. Think of a character of whom the Hero is uncertain … Continue reading

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