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True Emptiness

“If you have not Linked yourself To true emptiness, You will never understand The Art of Peace.” ~O’Sensei, The Art of Peace I’ve been contemplating what the phrase “linked yourself to true emptiness” means in this poem, at least in … Continue reading

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Ukemi, Posture, and Life

Posture…something I’ve been thinking about again. This week during Aikido class, I watched people do ukemi. Ukemi (oo-KEH-mee) is what we’re doing when we fall or roll or get taken down into a pin. It is also the initial attack … Continue reading

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The Practice of Peace

**Today my dojo is participating in our town’s annual Peace Fair. I decided to repost this blog about the practice of peace in honor of the event and in the ideal of peace.** “The choice between love and fear is … Continue reading

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When the Song Fits the Mood

Every time I tested for a dan rank, I listened to one particular song or one particular band every time I drove to the dojo. This went on for the three months or so that I prepared for my test. … Continue reading

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Responsibility, Teaching, Training

**This is the latest of the essays I wrote before a black belt test. I wrote it April of 2014.** Lining up to bow in to class one afternoon, the teacher (a fellow yudansha) said, “Look to your left.” We … Continue reading

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Aikido and Dance

**I wrote this in 2011 when I was preparing for my second degree (nidan) black belt test. If you’d like to read the essay for my shodan test, it’s here.** “Move like a beam of light; Fly like lightning, Strike … Continue reading

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The ‘Sho’ in Shodan

I recently hung the certificates that I received for earning my first and second level black belts. They are beautiful certificates, filled with Japanese kanji, and look like artwork. As I hung them, I wondered why the first level black … Continue reading

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My Aikido Path

I wrote this in 2007, when I was up for promotion to shodan (first degree black belt) in Aikido. My teacher asks all of us who test for dan rank to write an essay about how Aikido affects our lives. … Continue reading

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Anticipation–On and Off the Aikido Mat

Anticipation. We often think of it positively, like a child getting excited for a birthday or Christmas, or an adult looking forward to a big event. But there is a downside to anticipation—prediction. To anticipate something is also to predict … Continue reading

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Book Title Poetry

The public library in my town, Pima County Public Library, is doing a fun project in April for National Poetry Month. It’s called book-title poetry or spine poetry. To create a book-title poem you stack books with the spines facing … Continue reading

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