School Dance, Slow Dance

It’s Friday night. I’m thinking of school dances. The slow dance, to be exact. Conjures up images of two awkward teenagers clinging together and swaying to the music, doesn’t it?

Hearing certain songs can take me back to those school dances. I was not a slow song kind of girl; anything that smelled of sentimentality or sappiness was immediately suspect to me and turned off. However, these songs still permeated my life. I couldn’t ALWAYS avoid them, though I DID try. And I didn’t go to many school dances either!

So, here’s my list of some of the slow dance songs of my youth. I went to school in the early 80’s, so be warned.

Journey–Open Arms This song is a must for early 80’s slow dances!

REO Speedwagon–Keep On Loving You

Spandau Ballet–True (You might recognize this from the movie Sixteen Candles)

Air Supply–All Out of Love


Foreigner–Waiting for a Girl Like You

What about you? What slow songs do you remember from your school days?

2 thoughts on “School Dance, Slow Dance”

  1. Oh, man, that Air Supply song tugged at my teen-age heartstrings! It must have come out around the time someone broke up with me. Like The Rose–I can remember straightening bolts of fabric at my fabric store job, wiping away tears on the Pendleton plaids, while that played on the store radio.

    1. kimberlysbarton

      I know exactly how you felt, although not over Air Supply. I remember working at a record store and weeping as I shelved CD’s.

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