Not a Choice

All-American football player Michael Sam came out today. He did it before he went up for the draft in the NFL.

If this scenario isn’t more proof (as if we needed more of it) that homosexuality is not a “lifestyle choice”, then I don’t know what is.

This young man is a football player, the first to come out. He has everything to lose by doing this. Sam wants to play in the NFL, but he hasn’t been drafted yet. By coming out as gay, Sam put his future career on the line.

If this was a “lifestyle” choice, why would he have done this? Why would he risk his future for something as frivolous as a lifestyle choice? Because homosexuality is not a lifestyle choice, that’s why. It’s not whether you get tattoos or grow dreadlocks. It’s not whether you like to drive a sports car or a truck. It’s the way you are born.

When anti-gay “straight” people are asked when they “decided” to become straight, they get this blank look on their faces and say, “I didn’t decide it, it’s just the way I am.” And yet, they can turn around and declare that homosexuality is a choice. I just don’t get it.

I think Michael Sam did a very brave thing by coming out now and not waiting until his career in the NFL (if he gets one) was over. It took tremendous guts to do what he did. I don’t imagine there are many careers out there that are more “macho” than playing football in the NFL.

I hope he gets drafted. I hope he has a long and illustrious career in football.

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