My Other Mothers

I love my mother very much. She means the world to me. Not only has she been a wonderful mother, she is also a good friend and she had been there for me for everything, no questions asked.

On this day before Mother’s Day, I want to honor the other women in my life who mothered me, guided me, gave me a hand up when I was down, a shoulder to cry on when life got rough and cheered me on through it all.

My mamatribe. My tribe of mothers and friends who helped me raise my son. Heather, Jaimie, Tara, Alica, Sybelle, Shari, Debbie, Sharon, Amy, Lara. We spent our children’s early lives sitting at the park, talking, crying, and laughing. Lots of laughing! Being a mother is much easier when you have a tribe of other mothers by your side.

One of my best memories is when I tested for first degree black belt and many of these women and their children were there to cheer me on.

My Aikido teacher, Judith Robinson Sensei. Twelve years ago I walked into her dojo and what a transformative step that was! She’s raised me from a baby aikidoka, to a rebellious teenager (I even ran away for a while!), and now she’s helping me to be an adult in this aikido world. I can’t even imagine what my life would be like if not for the aikido she brought out in me.

My Aikido sempai, Claire. Claire was the first person I met when I walked in that door to the dojo and she was the first person to ask me ‘how did you like it?’ when I finished my first class. She’s been there through it all, not only helping me on the mat, but talking to me and guiding me off the mat as well. We’ve traveled to seminars together and she’s shown me the importance of making connections with people. Now I have an aikido community of friends that expands beyond my dojo.

My dance teacher, Yarrow King. I can barely put into words how much she mothered me as a dancer. She took a shy, self-conscious woman who wouldn’t ever dance and turned me into a dancer. The transformation was profound. I feel dance and rhythm in every part of my body and soul now.

These women!! How beautiful and magnificent they all are!

To all of the women who have mothered me. I love you all.

Do you have a woman in your life who mothered you?

5 thoughts on “My Other Mothers”

  1. Kilian Metcalf

    I agree with you that we are blessed when we have many mothers.

    I have an idea what a sensei is, but sempai? I googled it, and I’m confused about the difference (if there is any) between senpai and sempai. Seems to be the same thing?

  2. I don’t know if I would call them mothers, but of course, I have had women who have influenced my life. By far the most influential woman in my life is my wife, Nancy. Her influence on me far surpasses that of my own mother. In Aikido, Ginny Breeland has been a long time friend and mentor to me. And numerous other women who have enriched my life in some way, however small or large, including you Kim!

    1. kimberlysbarton

      Thanks, Jeff! That’s so nice. I’ve only met Ginny Breeland a couple of times…she’s a lovely woman.

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