Mommy Radar

images (8)I’m fast asleep when all of a sudden, BAM!, I wake up. I do the normal check: Noise? Bad dream? Do I have to go to the bathroom? Am I hot? Cold? No. No. No. No. No. I turn and see the light from the living room shining through the space under my bedroom door. My son is not home yet. Within moments I hear the sound of his key opening the front door. I hear his footsteps cross the living room and then the light clicks off. I woke up in that instant right before he got home.

Mommy Radar. It still works.

When my son was a baby, I’d often wake abruptly in the night for no reason. And then, moments later, my baby would cry. Or cough.

When my son was a little boy, I’d do the same thing. Wake suddenly as if I’d heard something. Lie still for a few moments listening, waiting, and then…Bingo. He’d cry or call out in his sleep or pad into my room to get me. I find it interesting that this instinct can still pop up, even though my baby is now a grown young man.

It’s a beautiful adaptation, this Mommy Radar, this ability to be so in tune with your child that you know deep down in your subconscious that something is not right…even in your sleep. Even before you hear the sound of distress.

My son was not in distress that night (that I know of), but the connection still held true. My intuition caught his presence before he even crossed the threshold.

Do you have a Mommy Radar? What other instinctual connections do you have with your children that remain even after they are no longer babies?


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