Mom Super Power #37

Mom Super Power: the ability to read out loud and doze at the same time. If you are a Mom (or maybe a Dad), you’ve probably experienced this phenomenon. You lay down with your wee one in the bed for a nighttime story. You’re tired. The bed is warm. Your child snuggles up to you and everything is sweet and cozy.

You’re reading a story when you fall asleep. Now, there is nothing unusual about a tired parent falling asleep while reading a bed-time story. The Super Power part is when you fall asleep and keep reading. Think about it…reading aloud and sleeping should not be able to occur at the same time!

To be fair, though, the reading part of that equation is not always the best. In fact, it can be downright weird.

“Pooh put the cloth back on the table, and he put a large honey-pot on ther cloof an the son doo…TIGGER!! took! a loooo moof ……”

–“Mommy? You sound funny.”

I remember one time using my Reading Aloud Asleep Super Power to actually “read” what I was dreaming.

“Pooh had wandered into the Hundred Acre Wood, and was standing in front of…a giant, slobbering, dog is chasing me through Target and the shelves are changing from the toys to the channels of Venice…”

–“Mommy! I think you’re asleep.”

–“No I’m not. I’m fine. Just lost my place.”

It’s pretty amazing what we parents can do. To be able to read and sleep at the same time is a true gift.

Has this ever happened to you?

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