‘Guilty Pleasure’ Songs

The phrase ‘guilty pleasure’ conjures up, in my mind, images of decadent chocolate desserts. It does not make me think of pop songs. A couple of days ago a friend, Alica McKenna Johnson, sent me this video of hard rockers confessing their ‘guilty pleasure’ pop songs.

It made me think of my ‘guilty pleasure’ pop song. Is there a song I’d be a little embarrassed to admit I liked? Not so much now that I’m an adult.

However, when I was in high school in the 80’s I had many ‘guilty pleasure’ songs that I would NEVER have admitted to my friends. I was a part of, in Claire Standish’s words from The Breakfast Club, “the heavy metal vomit party” crowd (although without the vomiting!). The people in my circle would have ridiculed me had I told them I liked Tempted by Squeeze or Adam Ant’s Desperate But Not Serious, but I think it is possible that they would have totally SHUNNED me if I had admitted to loving this song…Save a Prayer by Duran Duran.

(I have no idea why I love this song. It is quite lovely though!)

I think this works in reverse too. People who like pop music can have a secret hankering for something heavy. When I was in college and lived in the dorms, this one particular group of guys (many of them jocks) would secretly come to my room to listen to music. What did they want to hear? AC/DC and Metallica. Once they were thoroughly drunk, they’d seek out the one place they knew they could find some heavy metal–my room. The rest of the time? They hated the stuff! In the common room when everyone was around…they’d mock my taste in music. Get them drunk and they were suddenly headbangers.

What about you? Do you have any ‘guilty pleasure’ songs now or in your past?

3 thoughts on “‘Guilty Pleasure’ Songs”

    1. kimberlysbarton

      Ice Ice Baby, oh my! That and Hammer Time sampled some pretty good songs, though. Maybe that’s what you liked! 😉

      1. That was my first concert. I didn’t pick it. My step-dad was trying to make nice, got the tickets, and invited a “friend” I hadn’t had a conversation with in 10 years.

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