Friday is Freya’s Day

Freya_rode_in_a_chariot_pulled_by_two_black_or_gray_catsFriday is Freya’s Day. Freya (“Lady) is the Norse goddess of love, lust, sexuality, war, and death.

This beautiful goddess, along with her brother Frey, originally joined the other Norse gods that we know (Odin, Thor, etc.) as hostages. There was once a battle between the Vanir, the race of gods to which Frey and Freya belonged and the Aesir, the race of the gods like Odin and Thor. This battle raged for ages and resulted in hostages exchanged. Frey, Freya, and their father, Njord, a god of the sea, were all sent to live with the Aesir. In exchange, two Aesir gods were sent to the Aesir—Hoenir and Mimir.

Freya travels around in a chariot pulled by two cats. When not using her chariot she rides the boar Hildisvini. She also owns a cloak made from falcon feathers that allows the wearer to fly.

An interesting note about Freya is that, in addition to being a goddess of love and lust, she is also the goddess of war and death. Along with the Valkyries, she claims fallen warriors. Half of the warriors slain on a battlefield go to Odin’s hall Valhalla, while half go with Freya to Folkvangr.

Freya is practiced in the ways of seid, the Norse magic. She brought this magic to Aesir gods and to humans. She even taught seid to Odin who learned it well. Loki teased Odin about his knowledge of magic, saying it was unseemly for a man to know the seid. Loki always caused trouble!

Freya’s most prized possession is Brisingamen, a beautiful necklace. Once again, as with Odin’s spear and Thor’s hammer, the dwarves created Brisingamen. But, as far as scholars know it has no magical properties. Brisingamen is simply beautiful.

Loki covets the necklace and that is tale for another post.

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