Concert Road Trip

What could be more fun than a road trip to see one of your favorite bands?


I was talking to someone recently who is driving to L.A. from Tucson for a concert. When she told me what she was doing for her vacation, she was a bit reluctant, perhaps thinking that I would think it silly. Not me.

I have taken many concert roadtrips. At first they were minor 2 hour drives to L.A. from where I lived at the time. But they were FUN! My friends and I piled into a car stocked with food and music. Of course, we listened to everything recorded by whatever band we were seeing. The first time I did this I was 16 and seeing Judas Priest. We dressed up in our denim and spandex and hit the road. Two hours later we were pulling up to the Long Beach Arena with all the other headbangers, blasting Judas Priest from the car, and ready for a great show.

The trip to L.A. happened many, many times after that…at least until I graduated from high school. Then I moved to So. Ca. and all the venues, big and small, were RIGHT DOWN THE ROAD. I could go see a band whenever I wanted, no problem. And I did. I was spoiled.

I did take two long trips to see my favorite bands.

The longest trip I took was to Toronto, Canada to see Pink Floyd. A friend and I flew to Toronto from L.A. just to see Pink Floyd. Seeing Toronto was an afterthought, even though it was a very lovely city. Three nights in Toronto, two nights seeing Pink Floyd. This is late 80’s, post Roger Waters Pink Floyd, but still completly mind blowing. We had fantastic seats–right in the middle, about 10 rows back.

Pink Floyd in Toronto 1987

I drove from L.A. to Tempe, AZ to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers. This was strange, because at the time I could have seen them just about any time in L.A.! The 10 hour drive was worth it though. We checked into our hotel and decided to find out where the venue was so we could find it easily that night. When we got to the venue (it was an outdoor amphitheatre) we walked right up to the gate and got to see the sound check! It was like seeing the concert twice! It was hot, so after they were done with sound check, we walked to the hotel adjoining the amphitheatre to cool off. As we were standing in the lobby, who walks in but…John Frusciante (guitar player) and Flea! They were very nice, and we even took a picture with them. Definitely worth a 10 hour drive!

Red Hot Chili Peppers in 1990. Not where I saw them, but still fun!

Have you ever traveled just to see one of your favorite bands? How far?

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