The Murk

Is it necessary to have clarity in my aikido practice? It feels like I should, like I should have something to work on and focus on every time I step on to the mat. I don’t. Perhaps the almost two month long break when I was sick has knocked me off my game. Not only …

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Today, April 26th, is the anniversary of the death of Morihei Ueshiba, or O’Sensei as Aikido practitioners call him, which means ‘Great Teacher’. Morihei Ueshiba created the martial art Aikido. Although O’Sensei is no longer with us, his art lives on in all Aikidoka all over the world. There are different “styles” of Aikido, but …

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True Emptiness

“If you have not Linked yourself To true emptiness, You will never understand The Art of Peace.” ~O’Sensei, The Art of Peace I’ve been contemplating what the phrase “linked yourself to true emptiness” means in this poem, at least in an Aikido context, for over a week. What is “true emptiness”? Is it a feeling? …

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