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Unn the Deep-Minded

In celebration of International Women’s Day, I want to make mention of one of my favorite Viking women—Unn the Deep-Minded. Unn’s story is told in the Laxdaela Saga, one of the Sagas of the Icelanders, stories written down in the … Continue reading

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Woden’s Day–Odin’s One Eye

No pain, no gain. You can’t get something for nothing. Everything has its price. We’ve all heard these sayings, some of us, perhaps, even live by them. To attain what we want, whether it be a minor goal to get … Continue reading

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Thursday is Thor’s Day

Thursday, Thor’s Day, another weekday named after a Norse god. Thor is the god of thunder and protects both the gods and men. Unlike Odin, Thor was well loved by the common person, as evidenced by the sheer volume of … Continue reading

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Viking Nicknames

One of my favorite things about Vikings are their nicknames. Of course, you have the typical nickname based on where the person hailed from, like Olaf the Swede. Olaf was a Swedish king in the 11th century and to distinguish … Continue reading

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Princes Who Turn Into Monsters-Old and New

This is something I wrote a while back when I was pondering medieval tales, the lessons they teach, and how that translates into our modern world and our modern stories. Here are a few lessons: Don’t go into the forest … Continue reading

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Richard III and Mary Ingalls

What do King Richard III and Mary Ingalls have in common? Science and a good story. Both were featured in news stories on Monday, because new scientific or medical information came to light. Both have the scientific, literary, and historical … Continue reading

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