Book Title Poetry

The public library in my town, Pima County Public Library, is doing a fun project in April for National Poetry Month. It’s called book-title poetry or spine poetry. To create a book-title poem you stack books with the spines facing forward so the titles create a poem. Here is an example from my bookshelf:


I think this is a really fun project, especially for kids. They can be creative with books! It can also be a way to introduce poetry to kids who might otherwise be afraid of it. What better way to create a poem than to pile up a bunch of your favorite books. It could be done randomly by picking books off the shelf, stacking them, and then reading the outcome. Or you could be deliberate with the titles. I was deliberate with the one above. Here is one that I picked randomly from the library shelves in the kids section:


Be warned! This can be addictive. After creating my first poem, I did two more before I forced myself to stop. Of course, I had to do one about Aikido!



It’s fun! If you try it, please share your pictures. I’d love to see them!

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