I think my whole life I’ve been driving my friends and family crazy with my constant, “I wonder” or “Isn’t this interesting?” and “I was just thinking….”  That’s where this blog comes in.  I can ask those questions in writing and ease the burden on my poor family.

I am a mother and wife, martial artist, dancer, Harry Potter fan, former homeschooler, lover of music, beginning drummer, Lord of the Rings geek, reader of historical and YA fiction, lay historian of the Viking age, and master of old school Super Mario Brothers.







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  1. I decided to read your “about me” and I love it!
    Practicing peace is hard. One of the underrated things of our aikido practice is often O’Sensei’s emphasis on breathing. I find breathing to be very helpful in allowing me to practice peace when I really want to hit someone in the head

    1. Good advice! Breathing is so important in handling stress. I’ll have to remember that the next time I feel like hitting someone.

  2. I really enjoy reading your blog. It gives me insights because the whole time I knew you at park days, I was perplexed by you… I always got the sense that I annoyed you a bit 😉 But I didn’t push it… I was able to just let that be — and enjoy you anyway! I hope I was wrong. I still have a couple Kim-quotes helpful in various times in life… especially your fathers’ “You can always serve as a bad example ;)” Love you mama.

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