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Energetic Batteries

Aikido is energy training. The name itself speaks of this energy; the ‘ki’ in aiKIdo means energy or life force. Put together, the word Ai-ki-do means ‘the way of joining energy’ or ‘the way of harmony.’ I recently spent a … Continue reading

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The HUMANities

I was taken by surprise by how much David Bowie’s death affected me. Even days later, listening to certain songs, like my favorites Heroes or Ziggy Stardust, could make me choke up, bring tears to my eyes. I didn’t know … Continue reading

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This is Where You Live

In the movie Hitch with Will Smith and Kevin James, Hitch, played by Will Smith, is the ‘Date Doctor,’ a man who hires himself out to help other men get dates with women, often unattainable women. Albert, played by Kevin … Continue reading

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