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Thursday is Thor’s Day

Thursday, Thor’s Day, another weekday named after a Norse god. Thor is the god of thunder and protects both the gods and men. Unlike Odin, Thor was well loved by the common person, as evidenced by the sheer volume of … Continue reading

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Responsibility, Teaching, Training

**This is the latest of the essays I wrote before a black belt test. I wrote it April of 2014.** Lining up to bow in to class one afternoon, the teacher (a fellow yudansha) said, “Look to your left.” We … Continue reading

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Wednesday is Woden’s Day

Today is Wednesday, or Woden’s Day. Woden, or as he is more commonly known, Odin, is the most powerful of the Norse gods. But he goes by many other names as well: Allfather, Father of the Slain, High One, and … Continue reading

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Aikido and Dance

**I wrote this in 2011 when I was preparing for my second degree (nidan) black belt test. If you’d like to read the essay for my shodan test, it’s here.** “Move like a beam of light; Fly like lightning, Strike … Continue reading

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The Day I Learned to Dance

On September 14th, 2008—six years ago today—I learned how to dance. Oh, I danced in my house, by myself, but I didn’t like dancing in front of people. I was so inhibited about dancing in public that I’d not go … Continue reading

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The ‘Sho’ in Shodan

I recently hung the certificates that I received for earning my first and second level black belts. They are beautiful certificates, filled with Japanese kanji, and look like artwork. As I hung them, I wondered why the first level black … Continue reading

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Tyr’s Day

Today is Tuesday, or Tyr’s Day. In case you didn’t know, Tyr is the Norse god of battle and courage. Men would often inscribe their swords with Tyr’s rune and pray to him before going in to battle. Tyr’s story … Continue reading

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