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Spare me the Remix

Why do artists feel like they need to remix our beloved songs? I can certainly understand the desire to make a song ‘perfect’; the thing I don’t think they understand is that we fans liked the original piece of art! … Continue reading

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‘Guilty Pleasure’ Songs

The phrase ‘guilty pleasure’ conjures up, in my mind, images of decadent chocolate desserts. It does not make me think of pop songs. A couple of days ago a friend, Alica McKenna Johnson, sent me this video of hard rockers … Continue reading

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The Perfect 10

Young female gymnasts devote their lives to achieving perfection. Perfection. Think about it. How often are most of us striving for perfection? Doing well, yes. Doing our best, yes. But absolute, Perfect 10, perfection? It probably doesn’t happen much in … Continue reading

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Books to Movies–Show Some Respect

I was involved in a discussion recently about Peter Jackson’s movie adaptations of Tolkien’s books. One person suggested that the reason Tolkien fans and scholars are so critical of The Lord of the Rings adaptations and not The Hobbit is … Continue reading

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