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School Dance, Slow Dance

It’s Friday night. I’m thinking of school dances. The slow dance, to be exact. Conjures up images of two awkward teenagers clinging together and swaying to the music, doesn’t it? Hearing certain songs can take me back to those school … Continue reading

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Favorite Book?

I recently came across this meme: Lucky for me, I only have one child so I wouldn’t ever have to choose my favorite! However, I could never choose a favorite book, or even a favorite author. How could that even … Continue reading

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Instant Information

What did we do before the Internet age when we had questions? Go to the library I suppose, but what if we didn’t have time or the library was closed, or that kind of information wouldn’t be at the library? … Continue reading

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Posture in Aikido

In just three weeks, Mary Heiny, an amazing and highly respected sensei (teacher), will be visiting my dojo to give a seminar. I’m excited about it! Heiny Sensei has been training for about 40 years. To me, that in itself … Continue reading

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Vikings Review

I’ve had a few people ask me what I think about the new History Channel show, Vikings. All I can say is…it’s complicated. When I watch historical movies or television shows based on a time period in which I’m familiar, … Continue reading

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Concert Road Trip

What could be more fun than a road trip to see one of your favorite bands? I was talking to someone recently who is driving to L.A. from Tucson for a concert. When she told me what she was doing … Continue reading

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The Gift of Mortality

In his mythology, Tolkien has his gods (or spiritual beings), the Valar, create the races of Elves and Men. The Valar give Men the “gift” of a mortal life. In Tolkien’s view, mortality isn’t something we should fear or strive … Continue reading

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Aikido and a Garden Hose

“Spiritual power. Not muscle power” ~Saotome Shihan Aikido is not about physical power. At least, it is not supposed to be. When you watch a high level teacher practicing Aikido, it often looks fake. The reason it looks fake is … Continue reading

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